AFL Curriculum


AFL Leadership has developed a curriculum program that requires students to meet the demands of the 21st Century while exploring several areas beyond AFL core classes of Leadership, ELA, Algebra, US History and Science. Students take classes in Visual Art to STEM among other classes.  We also make Reading a focus across the curriculum with our "DEAR" Drop Everything And Read Program.

English Language Arts


Code X includes a yearlong curriculum of seven Units of study. Texts are engaging, content-area focused, diverse, and complex. Students engage in multiple reads of on- and above-grade level texts at an appropriate range of text complexity.



All Grade 8 AFL students take Algebra Regents.  We also use Connected Mathematics 3 provides seven student Units for grade six and eight Units each for grades 7 and 8. Each Unit is organized around an important mathematical idea or cluster of related ideas, such as area and perimeter, operations on fractions, ratio and proportion, linear relationships, or quadratic relationships. The format of the student material promotes student engagement with an exploration of important mathematical concepts and related skills and procedures. Students develop strategies and conceptual understanding by solving Problems and discussing their solutions in class.

US History


All Grade 8 AFL students take US History Regents.  We also use Passport to Social Studies program is a comprehensive instructional resource that integrates the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and the New York State K-8 Social Studies Framework to support strong social studies teaching and learning. Designed to support The New York City K-8 Social Studies Scope and Sequence, each yearly course of study is organized around newly developed units of study, each guided by essential questions.



The New York Science program engages students with project-based

Learning activities to demonstrate how science solves real-world problems.

Our program offers students a balance of hands on investigations, rigorous science content and engaging, real world applications to make science fun, exciting, and stimulating.



We use The Urban Assembly Advisory Model for our Leadership Classes.  We believe that every faculty member of the AFL Team serve as direct points of contact for parents and families. Leadership Advisors meet with small student groups each day during the school day to provide academic and social-emotional mentorship, create student connectedness within the school, and support the development of our eight core values within our students. Leadership Advisors also meet with parents during our parent and teacher conferences.

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